Truly, one fo the most satisfying tastes you'll ever experience

About Mariposa Chocolate Truffles

Mariposa Handmade Chocolates redefine the standards of excellence.

They are mouth-watering master pieces skillfully created by hand, using only the freshest of ingredients and the finest of chocolate. No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours are used when making a Mariposa chocolate truffle. Each chocolate truffle is an individual work of art, crafted by Chocolatier Luann Ford and her team. Mariposa chocolate truffles are a pleasure to look at as well as savour.

Long a favourite of the finer restaurants, bistros and upscale specialty shops in southern and eastern Ontario, Mariposa chocolate truffles are now available to everyone.

You too can experience the exceptional quality of a Mariposa chocolate truffle. They are a lovely addition to any of life's special occasions. Whether as a thank you for corporate clients, a unique gift for guests, wedding favours or just a present to someone very special, Mariposa chocolates truffles are a delight. We can supply any quantity you might need to add that special touch; from a romantic evening for two to an event for several thousand.

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